Sponsors Greatly Needed

Your generous donation will reduce the costs of facilitating and organizing the show, along with supplies needed by our youth to support their dreams and aspirations.  We are always welcoming of outside support. Moreover, we believe that an investment in our youth cannot be denied. Entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially with the youth of today. We hope that you help us shine the spotlight on these amazing kids!

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The truck is getting wrapped thanks to all who donated, revealed coming soon!

Benefits Of Becoming A Sponsor For The Aunt Debb Show

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Get exclusive access to our content, such as behind-the-scenes information, special events, webinars, and early access to new products.

Partnership Opportunities

Co-branding, Collaboration on projects & initiatives. Moreover, we will mention you or your organization on our social media channels, or other promotional materials.

Social impact

We will showcase the positive outcomes and impact that your donations will have on our kids.

Invitations To Special Events

Events such as galas, charity dinners, or other fundraising events, will provide a sense of community and engagement for everyone involved.